NQ Towing Service in Cairns - FAQS

Q: Can I organise a tow over the phone?
A: Yes, most of our bookings are done over the phone. Just call our office number 4033 6666 and one of our operators will take your job and organise a collection/delivery time with you and then dispatch a truck as agreed.

You can also email us on office@nqtowing.com.au, fax us on 4031 4770 or submit an inquiry form on the contact page to order a tow.

Note that all jobs emailed or faxed will need confirmation before being done so please include your phone number when ordering.

Q: Can you move cars without number plates?
A: Yes, as the vehicle is on a truck it may be moved without plates or registration.

Q: Can you send me a bill?
A: No, unless you are an existing credit account holder payment must be made at time of booking or on pick up or delivery of your vehicle. We will not drop off vehicles without payment but will bring them back to the holding yard and you will need to pay for a second tow.

Q: How can I pay?
A: We prefer credit cards which can be done over the phone. We can accept cash but do not accept cheques. Minimal use customers will not receive a credit account.

Q: What happens if damage is done to my vehicle while it is in your care?
A: NQ Towing Service is fully insured for damages. For any claim to be recognised you must advise the office within 24 hours of the tow. We will investigate immediately and if found that we are responsible in any way we will make good.

Q: Do you provide storage?
A: Yes we do provide storage. Our Holding facility is secure and protected however we do not provide insurance against loss or damage while your vehicle is in our yard. All vehicles are stored at owners risk.

Q: Do you have an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy?
A: Yes we have an extensive OHS policy manual and we can provide in upon request

If you want a reliable, professional job done give us a call on 07 4033 6666